About Me

My earliest memory of filmmaking has to be at the age of four or five.  Every New Year's Eve you could find me watching I Love Lucy and the Three Stooges VHS tapes on my parents' bedroom floor, waiting to toast my Welch's sparkling grape juice into the new year.  My father's Hi-8 camcorder was never absent from a vacation or a sporting event until I was in high school, only to be replaced by his new digital one.  I received my first camera at the age of eleven making my first film not to long after that.

Capturing the essence of the human life has always been a passion of mine.  Everything from day to day life to events to weddings to documentaries, I love filming!

The Best Way to 
Get to Know Me

I believe the best way to get to know someone is by the music the listen to on a daily basis. 


Music is something I have always been passionate about and is a leading part of my every day. 


I have made this playlist specifically to let you see a part of my day to day life 


Official Selection

First Time Filmmakers Sessions - 2019

Official Selection

Lift Off Sessions - 2019

SBIFF Film Studies Program

Santa Barbara International Film Festival - 2018

Official Selection

Ohio Shorts - 2017

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